Save the Egg

40 minutes
Save the Egg
Learning Outcomes

Participants are faced with a concrete problem that they have to solve. However, since there is no given solution, they must use creativity and cooperation skills.

Resources & Preparation Needed

4 eggs per team. Alternatively water balloons. 

A large supply of general office supplies (paper, tape, pens etc.) in one pile, available for all the participants

Outdoor space which is suited for  playing with eggs/ water balloons.


Participants are divided into small groups. 

Each group is provided with 4 eggs. 

A large supply of general office supplies (paper, tape, pens etc.) should also be available for the participants.

Now the groups must build something that will let their egg drop from 2 meters height without breaking. 

The first 3 eggs are practice eggs that the groups can use to test their inventions. 

The fourth and last egg is the egg that counts. 

When the time is up, all groups must demonstrate that their inventions work, by dropping the final egg from a height of 2 meters. If their egg doesn’t break, the group has succeeded.

Ideas For Reflection

After the activity is completed, spend some time reflecting on their process. 

  • What went wrong for the teams that didn’t succeed? 
  • Did they spend too much time planning? Not enough? 
  • Did the communication between team members not work? 
  • Why did some teams succeed? 
  • Did they have a strategy? How did they communicate? 
  • What did they learn?