Our Mission

LEADER is an Erasmus+ project which aims to support students in Vocational Education and Training (VET) to develop appropriate soft skills, allowing them to take control of their careers.

Soft skills refer to the competencies needed to communicate, cooperate and work productively. In most competitive job markets, employers do not only look for technical ability and specialist knowledge. Instead, they seek candidates who can become leaders, and leadership itself depends on both technical and ‘people skills’.

Exposing students to a comprehensive skill-set thus increases their chances for professional success.


01 develop a soft skills curriculum for VET students
02 develop an innovative serious game
03 create a guide for teachers and trainers
04 create an interactive e-learning platform

Project Partners

  • 8D Games
    8D Games The Netherlands
    8D Games is a small tech enterprise based in Leeuwarden, working alongside multiple partners in the Netherlands and across Europe. Since 2014, it has delivered more than 80 serious game projects linked to a variety of fields. Learn more
  • Business Development Friesland
    Business Development Friesland The Netherlands
    BDF helps and advises businesses, educational institutions and individuals when it comes to developing careers for young people. BDF is committed to invigorate successful business careers.  Learn more
  • CEBANC College
    CEBANC College Spain
    CEBANC College has led the way in vocational training in Gipuzkoa since 1978 and delivers courses in three areas: in-service, initial and adult vocational training. It aims to meet professionals´ training needs for their entire working life. Learn more
  • Friesland College
    Friesland College The Netherlands
    Friesland College is a Regional Training Centre for secondary vocational education and Adult Education. The premise of learning at Friesland College is that education begins in practice. Learn more
  • Malta Business Bureau
    Malta Business Bureau Malta
    The Malta Business Bureau is an EU-business advisory organisation. It represents the business members of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association. Learn more
  • Spektrum Educational Centre Foundation
    Spektrum Educational Centre Foundation Romania
    SEC is a non-profit NGO providing formal and non-formal education and training, including language training, entrepreneurship training, business skills, as well as niche skills development such as coding and critical thinking skills. Learn more
  • Technical Education Copenhagen
    Technical Education Copenhagen Denmark
    TEC is one of the largest vocational colleges in Denmark, located on 6 campuses in Greater Copenhagen. It offers 20 VET programmes, 3 upper secondary technical examination and numerous adult training programmes. Learn more