Leader, an

Leader, an Erasmus+ project, aimed to empower VET students with soft skills crucial for career control, such as communication and collaboration. The team identified 10 key skills, crafting 50 training activities and the Leader Game’ app for accessibility. Building on success, Leader ScaleUp expands training beyond soft skills, encompassing digital literacy and sustainability, offering comprehensive skill development for students, companies, and professionals.

Leader ScaleUp, inspired by its predecessor’s achievements, leverages existing tools for greater effectiveness. Committed to growth, the team is expanding and refining the platform, products, and tools. The innovative approach extends training to vital areas like digital literacy and sustainability, catering to professionals at all career stages, including companies and entrepreneurs.

Soft skills

Designing & implementing soft skills curriculum for vocational education and training (VET) students.

Serious game

Creating an innovative serious game to enhance learning experiences and foster engagement.

Educator's handbook

Crafting an inclusive guidebook for educators and trainers for effective teaching.

E-learning platform

Development of an immersive e-learning platform for enhanced learning experiences.