LEADER Project Promo Video

LEADER Project Promo Video

Our world is changing fast, and the skills we need to succeed are too.

On top of technical expertise, more and more employers seek candidates with developed non-technical skills, traditionally known as soft skills. These skills refer to abilities that relate to how one works and interacts with other people and include: communication, empathy, teamwork, creativity and many more.

Seven educational and entrepreneurial organisations have teamed up to implement the LEADER Project, a collaborative European initiative supporting young adults in various fields of work, to develop appropriate soft skills and increase their chances for professional success.

Based on the identification of the Top 10 Soft Skills for the Future of Work, 50 activities suitable for both in-classroom and in-company training were pooled and made accessible for free, on an easy-to-use e-learning platform.

In addition, a serious game available as a downloadable mobile application has been developed to facilitate the implementation of these training activities. This is available on all Android and iOS devices.

New personal strengths, creative thinking and the courage to experiment with innovative ideas raise the chances for professional success, for the world’s future LEADERS.

Unlock your soft skills to win the career game, today!

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