The Zeppelin

20 minutes
The Zeppelin
Learning Outcomes

Learn how to take important decisions in a group and justify them.


Divide the class in groups of 4 students.

Each group is  in a zeppelin. The zeppelin is in danger of crashing.

One of the passengers has to jump out of the aircraft so that the others can survive. 


  •  a doctor
  • a politician
  • a teacher 
  • a dustman

These identities are assigned to the participants randomly. Each group member must justify the importance of the role that has been assigned to them.

The challenge for the participants is to successfully justify their role in society.

At the end of the discussion the students should vote for who should “leave” the zeppelin.

Note – If the teacher has to pay attention that students do not mistreat each other (all the decisions to “jump out” should be connected to the roles, not to the students’ real personalities or status within the class.

Ideas For Reflection
  • How did you argue about your importance?
  • How did you decide who should leave?
  • Why was it a difficult decision?