The Ideal Leader

45 minutes
The Ideal Leader
Learning Outcomes

Students will reflect on the skills and qualities required to be a leader.

Resources & Preparation Needed


Post-it notes




Divide the class into three groups of at least four members. The groups must have the same numbers so any extra members will have to act as observers. 

Each group is given a name and some materials. 

The trainer explains that each group represents a different planets’ culture and has to struggle to protect it.

The groups have 15 minutes to get together and create their planet’s socio-cultural identity by following a series of guidelines (all these guidelines can be put on the board by the teacher, or hand it out on a sheet of paper):

  • its physical appearance, 
  • its religion (spirituality),
  • climate and landscape, 
  • socio-economic structure, 
  • their roles, etc. 

Each group chooses a spokesperson who explains the features of their group to the rest of the class. 

The facilitator will then recapitulate the differences and similarities between the groups. 

The groups get together again and have 10 minutes to make a list of the five qualities and skills that a good leader should possess for all the cultures.

The spokespersons present these qualities to the rest of the class.

Ideas For Reflection

The facilitator’s role is very important: he or she must maintain the smooth flow of the activity by ensuring that participants keep within the stipulated time limits.