The Popcorn Story

40 minutes Online activity
The Popcorn Story
Learning Outcomes

Students will  learn to listen to each  other to perform a group task.

Resources & Preparation Needed

[Optional] Picture cards or special dice with words/symbols


Everyone takes turns to add to a story that the group creates together.

The first person can begin with something like “Once upon a time there was a huge purple dragon…” and the next one has to use their imagination to add something relevant to the narrative. 

This activity can be broadened by using picture cards or special dice with words/ symbols

This game is suitable for online use!

Ideas For Reflection

What was the biggest challenge in adding new elements to the story?

Who was the most successful in connecting new elements to the story? What was the key to their success?

What was your group’s strategy and how it worked?

What made it easy/difficult to remember certain details?

Listen to the strategies of the other groups and try to get ideas from each other.