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30 Oct

Launch of Mobile App and E-Learning Platform

October 2021 – The LEADER project partners officially launched an e-learning platform and a mobile application to support young people in developing their soft skills. Both of these tools are a reflection of the most recent shift in skills demanded by global industries. In addition to increased technical competency, employers are seeking candidates with developed […]

16 Jun

Empowering Students Today, To Be the LEADERs of Tomorrow

June 2020 – The LEADER partnership, comprising of seven European organisations operating in the vocational educational and/or entrepreneurial spheres, announced the recent launch of its project website. Leadertheproject.com is now serving as a one-stop-shop for students as well as academic/in-company trainers to learn more about the project and access the resources which are currently being […]

1 May

Introducing LEADER Project: Helping Develop People Skills

November, 2019 – Seven organisations based in Denmark, Malta, Romania, Spain and the Netherlands have just launched LEADER, an Erasmus+ project aiming to support students in Vocational Education and Training (VET) to develop appropriate ‘people skills’, allowing them to take control of their careers. ‘People skills’ refer to the competencies needed to communicate, cooperate and work […]

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