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1 Nov


For more information on how to use LEADER Game, visit here.

9 Oct

Final Transnational Project Meeting

The fourth and final project meeting was held in Brasov, Romania in October 2021. During this meeting, project partners finalised the tools for soft skills training and consolidated dissemination strategies. A promo video was launched, which can be viewed here: https://leadertheproject.com/leader-project-promo-video/

24 Sep

LEADER Project Promo Video

Our world is changing fast, and the skills we need to succeed are too. On top of technical expertise, more and more employers seek candidates with developed non-technical skills, traditionally known as soft skills. These skills refer to abilities that relate to how one works and interacts with other people and include: communication, empathy, teamwork, […]

26 Mar

Upcoming Online Training Activity

In June 2021, LEADER project partners will be hosting a 3-day digital learning activity for selected teachers and trainers. The intention behind this is not simply to raise awareness about the importance of soft skills, but also to provide the opportunity for teachers and trainers to be the first to test the developed LEADER e-learning […]

26 Mar

Toolbox for Teachers & Trainers

The LEADER project team has developed a set of 50 practical classroom activities (such as: guided discussions, group activities, building activities) that can be applied to both classroom context and to work-based training, and can be adapted to different age groups, school subjects and educational topics. The Toolbox is now being piloted by trainers, teachers, […]

17 Nov

Mobile App to be Released Soon

The LEADER project partners are currently developing an innovative serious game which will demonstrate how specific soft skills work in different work situations! The game is expected to complement more traditional forms of teaching and training. It will not only make training fun and engaging but will also provide a flexible learning experience, depending on […]

29 Sep

Soft Skills Curriculum for VET Students

Following extensive research, including desk research and interviews with companies, the LEADER project partners have put together a soft skills curriculum for students in Vocational Education and Training (VET). Soft skills are increasingly becoming the hard skills of today’s workforce. It’s just not enough to be highly trained in technical skills, without developing the softer, […]

7 Sep

Third Transnational Project Meeting

The third transnational project meeting was held online due to the imposed precautionary measures linked to the outbreak of COVID-19. The project partners discussed the ‘Implementation Guide for Teachers and Trainers’. Essentially, this will be a practical, easy-to-use and easy-to-adapt  information and resource package for VET trainers, helping them teach their students/trainees about soft skills […]

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